Атеистите харесват ли България ?

След едно дълго затишие продължаваме по план, почти всеки ден да има по една интересна тема, в която питаме чужденците въпроси свързани с България е българите. Днешния въпрос е малко странен и е зададен от чужденец, на който отговарят други чужденци - Атеистите харесват ли България ? По-долу вижте отговорите..:

Въпросът - Do atheists like or dislike Bulgaria?
Описание: (
Someone told me that atheists dislike Bulgaria but I heard some don't. What do atheists think of Bulgaria? )

Отговор :
Atheists and Believers equally dislike Bulgaria. Poor Bulgaria.
Hah-haaa Ask a stupid question and you get a stupidier reply

Отговор : Why would atheists dislike Bulgaria? Bulgaria was the most loyal and Stalinist of the Soviet Bloc countries, you'd think they'd love the atheist paradise that was Soviet communisim.

Отговор : Drop that someone a quick "wtf?" if he says that again for me, would you?

Отговор : I dislike communism but I don't dislike Bulgaria anymore than I dislike the USA.

Отговор : Why would they like or dislike it?

Отговор : Whether they like Bulgaria or not religion should be within yourself.
Strange question which could be put to any former Eastern Block Country.
Back tot he point...
There is no such thing as an atheist when looking at Bulgaria as it is too obvious a fact to ignore. Who else could have created such a perfect paradise ... Only one answer God!

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Какво знаете за ЦСКА София ?

Въпроса зададен към чужденците е: Какво знаете за ЦСКА София ? Нека видим какво мислят по въпроса. Само да отметна, че имаше минимална активност около въпроса, както беше и при предния въпрос. А уж българският футбол бил известен :)

Въпросът - Какво знаете за ЦСКА София ?

Отговор : the most sucessful club in bulgaria, with 30 league title and 23 national cup, the most famous player nowadays is petre, romanian who represent his country 47 times. other players are mostly from bulgaria. 2 famous players played for the team are Stiliyan Petrov, and Dimitar Berbatov.

Отговор : Besides being the best Bulgarian side, it produced notable players such as Stoichov, Richard and Berbatov.

Отговор :They are the Bulgarian Army team

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Какво знаете за ПФК Левски ?

Реших да попитам чужденците, какво знаят за един от най-големите български футболни отбори Левски. За да не се почувстват обидени опозицията от ЦСКА, очаквайте и въпрос за тях. Отговорите на "Какво знаете за ПФК Левски ?" четете по-долу.

Въпросът - What do you know about FC Lewski ?

Отговор : nothing

Отговор : Read all about them here... http://www.levski.bg/

Отговор : that they are a underdog team and is doing okay in there league. thats about it.

Отговор : You are all wrong.By the way it is written Levski.Levski is my favourite team,they are the most popular club in Bulgaria.The club wears the name of Bulgaria's greatest national hero-Vassil Levski.The team had been established in 1914 and has won the bulgarian championship 25 times and the natoinal cup 26 times.Levski plays in the european tournaments every year and in 2006 became the first bulgarian club to play in the UEFA Champions League.

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Какво мислите се е случило с медицинските сестри в Либия ?

Преди време пуснах една статия с подобен въпрос, но тя не изобилстваше от отговори. Сега попаднах на по подробна тема и смятам да я споделя с вас. Днешният въпрос е: "Какво мислите се е случило с българските медицински сестри в Либия, които бяха обвинени несправедливо?Отговорите може да видите по-долу в статията.

Въпросът - What do u think should happen to the 5 bulgarian nurses in libya that injected chidren with HIV?
Описание: ( 5 bulgarian nurses and a palistinian doctor deliberately injected 426 children with HIV in libya what do u think should they be sentanced to death. andrew T. what ur saying is wrong whats islam got to do with this nothing ,ok and secondly their not innocent how r they innocent when they injected 400 and more chidren and pregnent mothers.and its has nothing to do with how the libyan system works. )

Отговор : I most definitely believe they have done it! They should be hanged because the nurses didn't even check or correct or prevent the Doctor from doing such a heinous crime. Medicine and human Life has to be treated with more respect, even if it may seem like the nurse is doing Charity work! When you work without dedication, these kind of mishaps will take place and claiming innocence later will not help the lost lives. Only the dead children's parents will know the anguish.
The Movie ""Constant Gardner"" is based on this kind of a real life example.........
Lots of African and Indian states are targeted for these kind of medical testings......by European pharmaceutical companies!
As long as there are corrupt Officials in this world, these kind of Incidents will happen......
And the perpetrators..... will always claim ignorance and get away with it....
Too many Doctors and nurses I've come across, take up the profession for the paycheck......its Sad...... its great that someone belives that there not innocent coz all evidence show that its them

Отговор : they should be put in prison for life

Отговор : Jesus - I am off to Bulgaria on Hols ... I hope I dont need medical help... Exterminate them...

Отговор : could people really have done that????

Отговор : Nope! Make the punishment fit the crime. Inject them with the same serum

Отговор : i think they should have the same done to them but dont give them treatment. then the they will suffer like those poor kids

Отговор : They should be tortured then hung drawn and quartered.

Отговор : they should be given hiv and no drugs to control it

Отговор : Eye for an eye... same idea. Inject them with HIV and refuse them treatment for it.

Отговор : a damn good kickin, then inject them with it and brand child abuser on their forehead so everyone knows they are scum for the rest of their miserable little lives.

Отговор : Everybit of evidence shows that these nurses are innocent.
It is totally outrageous that they have been held for all these years when they are clearly innocent.
This could only happen in an Islamic country where the people have such scant regard for the truth and possess such outrageous cruelty..but of course we know why the "victims" are muslims and the Nurses are "infidel"
This is another case where the Islamic world should be ashasmed of itself..Unfortunately the Arab mentality is so stubborn and arrogant this shameful episode is set to continue.
How can you ask such a question??

Отговор : Give them the lethal injection - they shouldn't be allowed to live - I know I can't play God and decide who deserves to live or die - but jesus there are so many sick people who commit such horrific crimes - and to children too. My opinion only I know but I really feel they shouldn't have the right to live.

Отговор : no they should be infected with hiv, aids and let them die a cold death, how dare they evil. on innocent children not fair at all

Отговор : They should be if that is what the maximum penalty is. After all, to directly infect someone with HIV is tantamount to murder. Those poor children and what a horrible thing for the so-called "caring" profession to do!!!!

Отговор : They hadn't done this? Infection is caused from poor conditions in libyan hospitals. Libyan justice system is unfair and biased. There is no evidences that nurses have done it. Libyan autorities had tortured bulgarian nurses. I understand families of all infected children but why don't you improve your health system instead of seeking scape goats?NURSES HAVE BEEN IN PRISON FOR YEARS WITHOUT SENTENCE. BULGARIAN MEDICS ARE INNOCENT!!!!!!!!

Отговор : This isn't an easy question... IF they did it, then I think they should spend the rest of their lives in prison. I don't really believe in "an eye for an eye", but I do realize that it might be different if it were my children...
I also believe in "innocent until proven guilty", but in Libya, I don't think they will have a chance of proving anything...

Отговор : inject them, put them in prison and watch them suffer a slow and painful death!

Отговор : well would say they should be injected with it too but no one deserves that - put them on a little deserted island with a couple of goats n some basic shelter, seeds etc. n leave them to it - that's what my nana would say anyway! did ya hear they're thinkin of using old oil rigs as prisons btw! xxx

Отговор : The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is difficult to pass from person to person. It is not very infectious and is almost impossible to get through normal social interaction.

Отговор : First it has not been proven that they injected the children knowingly with the virus
Secondly with Gaddafi running the show in that country only his will be done & he is playing it for what its worth, in those countries everything gets decided & approved by the great ruler, just like he allowes his shore to be used to annoy the west/christian countries by permitting boat people to sail for Malta/Italy
Blair was very wrong in co towing to the dictator in Tripoli
The nurses have gone trugh hell & back & should be released immediately & compensated for their ordeal

Отговор : I don't think they did it - why would nurses or doctors inject someone with something to kill them? They take an oath to help people, why on earth would they want to kill anyone? Seems very illogical and unfair to me. They are scapegoats.

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Хапчета от изпражнения на български селяни?

Някакъв чужденец гледал документален филм за Адолф Хитлер, където той правел хапчета за чревни проблеми, направени от изпражненията на български селяни. Цялата тази работа е доста странна, но ето и какво са му отговорили другите:

Въпросът - Why would someone eat the feces of Bulgarian peasants?
Описание: ( A documentary about Adolf Hitler said that he took pills make of the feces of Bulgarian pesants for bowel problems. How does this help? Why bulgaria? Why peasants? It was prescribed by a doctor.

Отговор : Bulgarians eat a steady diet of Bulgar wheat, which is loaded with fiber. For economic reasons, the peasants diets, lacking in meat and proteins, are especially high in fiber. The Fuhrer suffered from persistent gastritis which is curable through a fiber supplement like a pill made from Bulgarian peasant crap. Does that help? I have been a physician for 22 years.


Отговор : Huh?? He was crazy, so who knows. He probably gave himself parasites or worse.

Отговор : For the same reason that we take medicinal aspirin every day that contains shavings from sheep skulls: ingredients make things.

Отговор : Sounds like homeopathic medicine. Keep in mind that Hitler's doctor also prescribed amphetamines to him, too.
Also keep in mind Hitler had one testicle, and he would make his cousin crush it underneath her high heels while she peed all over him. Sure sounds like a master race to me.

Отговор : MAYBE in those days Bulgarian dont have any thing to eat,accept wild plants (Herbs) accidentally became traditional medicinal values,purely consist of plants - byproducts or the peoples were too pious,honest,sincere or unforgettable events and unforgiven enemies

Отговор : Because Mr Kupov, a homeopathic activist told him it was good for him....
Among the more avid of Mr. Kupov’s disciples was Theodor Morell, Hitler’s personal physician, who gave the Fuhrer many of the natural homeopathic cures that Mr. Kupov championed. One of the more unusual of these cures became the focus of an intensive Allied intelligence effort that eventually forced Mr. Kupov, who enjoyed his celebrity status in wartime Germany, to pick and choose which side he was really on.
Mr. Kupov’s writings do not indicate when he discovered that the encapsulated feces of healthy Bulgarian peasants had some medicinal value, but Mr. Kupov advocated such capsules with such vigor that Dr. Morell began prescribing them for Hitler. The German leader suffered from chronic gastrointestinal complaints and Mr. Kupov believed that encapsulated Bulgarian ordure helped alleviate such problems. And for his greatest believer, Mr. Kupov made sure that Dr. Morell had access to the freshest and healthiest ordure available: his own.

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За Киселото мляко?

Днешният въпрос е за киселото ни мляко, което всички българи си мислят , че е прочуто сред чужденците. Това, което наистина ще ви изненада, е че имаше слаба активност, да не кажа никаква около въпроса, който зададох на чужденците! Получих само 1 отговор, който беше наистина изчерпателен. Вижте за какво става дума в самата статия.

Въпросът - Bulgarian yoghourt ?
Описание: ( What do you thinks about it ? Do you eat it ? Do you like it ? )

Отговор : ya i tasted it..it tastes good..

Bulgarian yogurt is a deliciously smooth, creamy and rich tasting yogurt. This culture may be made with whole, skim or non fat milk. You may reculture this yogurt over and over. For a thicker yogurt you may add 1/4cup of dry milk powder, prior to adding your culture. For an even thicker alternative use some canned evaporated milk.(contains live cultures, streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus bulgaricus)

Try this..

8 cups milk (I prefer whole milk)

¼ cup yogurt from a previous batch

or 4 tsp. of Natren yogurt starter as directed on the bottle

Bring the milk to at least 180°F, or until a ring of bubbles forms around the edge of the pan, but don't allow to boil. Let cool until you can keep your finger in the milk while you count to 10. Divide yogurt starter or old yogurt between two wide-mouthed quart glass canning jars. Pour in about 1/4 cup milk and stir to incorporate the starter. Fill the jars with the the rest of the milk and screw on the lids.

Wrap the jars in a warm blanket and let sit overnight in a warm place or for at least eight hours. Unwrap and place in the refrigerator. I know you will enjoy this creamy, healthy yogurt.

hope u liked it tooo

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Полезен ли е българският език ?

Дали българският език, който е един от най-сложните езици в световен мащаб може да бъде полезен на чужденците. Какво мислят те и какво мислим ние може да видите в статията и коментарите, които ще напишете вие! :)

Въпросът - Is Bulgarian a useful language? Where can I use it?

Отговор : Bulgarian is not a useful language if "usefulness" is defined as possibility to use it in various countries in the world. I'm a linguist myself, and to me, all languages are useful, interesting and colourful, that's why I chose this subject for my vocation, but if I understand you well - you're not one, you are not studying it for academic purposes, right?
In that case, you won't get very far with it, I'm afraid. You can use it in Bulgaria, but not in FYROM, Macedonia, as they have their language, which is not a variant of Bulgarian. It is another thing that you will be able to understand these people, but then you'll also understand the gist of other Slavic languages. It's certainly not true that Bulgarian is used in the South-East Serbia, at least not any more or less than any other language in any other border area in the world.
Bulgarian is therefore used in Bulgaria, and if you plan on relocating there, it will be useful, otherwise not really.

Отговор : Something tells me that you can use it in Bulgaria.
Who didn't see that one coming?

Отговор : most rough looking strip clubs with foreign strippers in it.

Отговор : Useful only in Bulgaria.

Отговор : Hi there!
Bulgarian is the easiest of the Slavic languages, given that it has no case system like most the rest, and it is rather useful. It is spoken not only in Bulgaria, but in Macedonia (where it goes under the name of Macedonian, despite there being few differences), and South East Serbia, as well as amongst the diaspora.
It will be incredibly useful, if you're in the UK especially. Remember five years ago, when Polish was learnt only by specialists or those with an academic interest? Now the need for it has boomed, due to immigration, and it will likely be the same with Bulgarian. Also, it's a nice first step on the Slavic languages ladder.
Best wishes!

Отговор : in Bulgaria!!

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България терористична страна ли е ?

Дали някой си мисли, че сме от тези страни, които раждат терористи самоубийци или сме фанатици, които убиват в името на религията си или някаква висша цел! Нека видим, какво мислят хората за нас и дали знаят истината.

Въпросът - Is Bulgaria a terrorist country ?
Описание: ( Do you have any information of a bulgarian terrorists ever ? As far as I know Bulgaria is with the UN and the USA , and even they sent troops in Iraq and gave some casualties there. )

Отговор : Terrorists in Bulgria? YOU'VE GOT TO BE JOKING! No one has EVER heard about terrorists in Bulgaria here. And I hope that here we'll never have terrorists!

Отговор : I'm pretty sure that some of the militant ppl that fled the Serbia and Croatia deal in the 90's have found a home near by Bulgaria....

Отговор : Don't be so sure dear.

Отговор : NOOOOOO! It's most certainly Not. I have been there & it's similar to Greece & other neighbnoring mediteranean contries. Sen. McCain has a house & many investments there. US is even moving us Troop base out of Germany over to BG who is an ally. Such a good ally as you seem to know that they lost people who were murdered by terrorists in Iraq. They threatened BG & said withdraw your troops that you are helping US or we'll execute & BG said No they could not & lost many innocent people.

Отговор : N-O. I am from Bulgaria and I can tell you it is certainly NOT a 'terrorist country'.

Отговор : OK Boris from Bulgaria,Targovishte here.NO.There have never been any Bulgarian terrorists!

Отговор : Of course not! In fact people here are very goor-natured and friendly!

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Кой е Джон Атанасов ?

Всеки българин знае за Джон Атанасов, всеки от нас се гордее с него! Изумява ме това, че имаше ниска активност около въпроса, който им зададох преди 2 дни! Моля коментирайте статията и 4те и отговора.

Въпросът - Who is John Atanasov ?
Описание: ( What is his nationality? What did he invented? )

Отговор : He is a russian cosmonot who developed the "in space" urinal.

Отговор : A citizen of the United States, John Atanasov had a Bulgarian father and a French-Irish mother. His mother's father fought in the US Civil War. His father's was killed in the Bulgarian April 1876 Uprising against the Ottoman yoke. As a lecturer at Iowa State University in 1937 John Atanasov had some ideas about improving an IBM tabulator but the company refused to authorize his meddling. It took 35 years and a series of exhausting court cases until he succeeded in proving that he was the father of the intelligent machine.

Отговор : How did John Vincent Atanasoff electronic digital computer made life easier for people today? This si a Question on a report my son is doing for school. Some times I think i'm getting and second education lol.

Отговор : The Atanasoff-Berry Computer was the world's first electronic digital computer. It was built by John Vincent Atanasoff and Clifford Berry at Iowa State University during 1937-42. It incorporated several major innovations in computing including the use of binary arithmetic, regenerative memory, parallel processing, and separation of memory and computing functions.
On October 19, 1973, US Federal Judge Earl R. Larson signed his decision following a lengthy court trial which declared the ENIAC patent of Mauchly and Eckert invalid and named Atanasoff the inventor of the electronic digital computer -- the Atanasoff-Berry Computer or the ABC.

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Кой е Кристо ?

Решихме да попитаме чужденците за художникът от български произход Кристо, който е известен със своите мащабни художествени проекти като опаковането на сградата на Райхстага в Берлин или на "Пон Ньоф" в Париж. Да видим дали е всъщност толкова прочут нашият гениален творец.

Въпросът - Do you know who is Christo?
Описание: ( What is his nationality? What Christo do? )

Отговор : Like the Count of Monte - ?

Отговор : i really don't know...but i think he lives in italy so i'll say italian.
does some weird stuff, for true, and garners alot of attention for it...now there's an artist with a reputation....

Отговор : I believe he is french. Visit his web site and learn more, he is facinating as an artist.

Отговор : Not personally but he is famous for wrapping up stuff... like buildings. Even famous buildings like.
Pont Neuf in Paris.
Wiki has a very nice list of what he did around the world:

Отговор : 1. Also known as Jesus of Nazareth, rabbi, messiah, Son of God, Son of Man, etc. Aramaic. 2. Bulgarian born, American environmental artist. Also known as Christo Javacheff. Collaborates with wife, artist Jeanne-Claude who is French.
Both #1 and #2 do beautiful work.

Отговор : He's an artist who makes "envrionmental art" like wrapping buildings or trees. He's Bulgarian.

Отговор : The first time I heared about Christo and Jeanne-Claude I thought it was the oddest thing. I am not a fan of modern art. However, 12 years ago they wrapped the Reichstag in Berlin and I happened to be in the city and I loved it! People were really excited about it (after initial complaints and murmurs). They really make you look at buildings and environments from a whole new and different perspective.

Отговор : The only installation I've seen (perhaps 'experienced' would be a better word) is The Gates in Central Park last year.
I wish I *had* an explanation about what made it so inspiring. But I don't. It was breaktakingly beautiful. I've seen pictures of it, but none of them gave the impression of the emotional quality one got from being there in person.
Make a point of seeing their work in Colorado - I'm sure it will make you look at whatever they're working with from a whole new perspective!

Отговор : If you google 'christo' you will find loads on the internet.

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